Install Google Play on Coby’s Jelly Bean Tablets

If you want run Google’s Play on your Coby device you can run a lot of different (and mostly not working) gapps. zip that are around. Here i show you one, that is done the right way. Just do it like i showed in the video and you will be happy.

BUT!! The installer must remove Aldiko due limited space in the root section. So if you want use it, you must reinstall it then over the Google Play.

Get the archive for Google here

The RecoveryTool apk here

162 Gedanken zu “Install Google Play on Coby’s Jelly Bean Tablets

  1. This is great. Unfortunately, much of apps are tagged as incompatible with my device (kyros 8127)… Even some like Angry Birds, which were compatible via GetJar, appears as not compatible on the Play Store. What can I do to fix this ?
    Thanks !

  2. Yes, I’m running 4.1, revision V1.0.0011 exactly. I’ve tried many things, like clearing play store cache, reboot, removed google account but no luck…

  3. Just to let other people know. This also works once updated to ICS. I used the 1125. Thumbs up so others can see as this took me a while to fine a legit one. Also this does not affect warranty. Thanks

  4. dont know 🙂 As it is a completely different hardware this update will not work at all. So you need to contact the manufacture about this 🙂

  5. Thank you very much for this video. I’ve spent weeks trying to get Google Play running on the Coby Kyros 7022 with 4.1.1. Jelly Beans. Now with this tutorial everything was so easy with just a few clicks. No need for a manual rooting, just letting the tool do the magic.


  6. No, why should it get bricked? It does not even replace any system libs or anything like this. It installes the correct stuff into the correct places (due root).

  7. No, the script i added does it all for you. You have just to install it. BUT! I only tested it with the devices i have from Coby here (7022,1125,1126,8127)

  8. I dont understand 🙂 The RecoveryTool is the 2nd link. This is the tool you need to install stuff like the google play as root onto the tablet.

  9. I can’t uninstall the aldiko in order to allow the second link to install . Can someone give me an easy way to uninstall this preloaded app

  10. The installer does that for you, this is one of the reasons you are using the RecoveryTool. It boots into root, removes that */(§)$=)! GetJar, removes Aldiko (to get space) and then install the framwork into the root…

  11. Hi I installed the play store just fine but now i cannot sync or sign in the app reads server error everytime i open it ive tried clearing cache also reinstall but comes up server error can you help?

  12. Oh I see ok I tried to remove it from my tablet now but it didn’t work I tried factory reset on settings menu and root menu would you know how I could undo my app market I appreciate your time

  13. Nope that will not work 🙁 It is installed as root. You could say it is now like „factory“. You could only patch the tablet with the original firmware or go in over root with the fastboot to remove it.

  14. I will ask Coby for such a device so i can test and maybe „modify“ the package. But i also did a Video for the ICS Version on my channel, check that out if it works for you

  15. Nice video. I just purchased my tab like, half an hour ago… and have only just heard that google play isn’t installed by default… but this is gonna surely be quite helpful. Thanks buddy =]

  16. Hello, I have the device COBY MID7024, do everything right, the device makes the recovery, turn everything normal again, but the play does not appear google aplição installed, could you help me somehow? thank you

  17. Hi! This method worked great on my Coby 1125… However, since I updated my OS from Andoid 2.3 to the Goby Germany 4.0.3 and 4.1.1 updates, it seems there is no hardware acceleration anymore… Video playback is choppy and games are very slow. Do you know if Coby is working on an update to restore hardware acceleration on their older models? Thanks!

  18. Is there anyway to re-download the ROM update and re flash it using the stock recovery? I cant do a factory update anymore and COBY is not returning my emails about this issue. Thanks.

  19. I’ve done as directed in your video however i’m getting all the way to the sign in part then i get the message saying „server error retry „

  20. Hello i am using a coby mid8042-4 but i cannot download the , playstore doesnt appear. Pls help me it cannot be installed

  21. Your videa is GREAT! however I have ICS.. Please do a video for the ICS versions of Coby Kyros.. We need your help. Thank you.

  22. Hallo, ich benutze ein Coby Mid7022 und habe den Google Play Market erfolgreich installiert. Allerdings bekomme ich bei jedem Neustart des Tablets 2x die Meldung:
    „Google Services Framework“ wurde leider beendet.

  23. umm the recovery tool is downloaded but something is wrong with the other..when i go to the recovery tool i press install and it does nothing.. :/ what do i do wrong?? please help…

  24. Theoretically this is not that easy as it installs the framework into the root sections. Simplest way would be to reinstall the update, it would overwrite all. Even if you wipe the user datas or you go back to the factory settings, it would still be existing otherwise.

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  26. Lets see what CM did/say: If you legally use an Android Device wich comes with Google Apps then you are allowed to use it also on your other devices…

  27. I get to the recovery screen and click sdcard/download/ and click install nothing happens what should I do now?

  28. i did everything step by step.. the google play store appear.. but yet it closes as soon as i press it to open.. any help?

  29. At first it worked great (even though many apps wouldn’t install giving me a „your device isn’t compatiable“ message) but now when I enter the store all I can see is an elderly people app, and nothing more.
    Any idea?

  30. Im having problems on the instalation of coby gapps, on recovery tool it shows the update but as i go to install does not do anything can you please help me.

  31. Why is it as i press sd card download it says are you sure you want to install ipress install ang nothing happened can you help me

  32. i already did this and it worked after i thoroughly check it.. BUT.. everytime i download a game.. it says that „error: on sd card“ something like that.. „cant save to sd card “ something like that.. and i searched to google and it says that delete something inside the .android folder which is not appearing but yet i cannot install anything.. :((

  33. As i mentioned about 100(?) times? It is NOT tested or even done for any other typ of the tablets than mentioned in the video…

  34. Thank you man! your the best THANK YOU SO MUCH! you really helped me make it a lot faster! say hello…to your 4489th subscriber! yay me do i get a prize? L.O.L just kidding but thanks!

  35. I tryed to install it on my Coby MID7035. Nothing happened too. All the procedure is working before installing. Neither installing, or reboot

  36. hallo, leider klappt es bei meinem 7042 garnichts mehr…Habe d. video mit 7022 auch angeschaut und durchgeführt…nach dem laden sehe ich kein GRÜNE ROBBOTER Android zeichen…HILFEEEEEEE

  37. heeeeelp! :'(

    guess it’s not working on my coby mid 7048.

    everytime i try to sign in to google play, i always get this err msg „unfortunately, google play store has stopped.“

    i tried to reset my coby (both: settings option & reset pin button) but it wont go back to the original settings. i lost some of the apps like getjar. i cant even remove the google play store app.

    is it possible for me to reset it back to it’s original setup? how? heeeeeeeeeelp :'(

  38. Hi John, unfortunately this is not possible as the Play gets installed via root into the root partition. Only way would be to „re-update“ it to the current version.

  39. hola tengo una coby Kyros mid9042 y tiene android sandwish 4.0.3 este metodo funciona con esta vercion de android

  40. In generell you need a bootloader with root support. Then you need fastboot and you can boot the specific bootloader. But due the fact i dont know where you can get a bootloader like needed, i cannot help you.

  41. i downloaded the recovery tool then that archive for google but when i opened the recovery tool and then pressed the nothing happened.

  42. Thanks but it didn’t work for me, but I still subscribed. I have a Coby Kyros 9742, do you know how to root it or if you could send me a link on how to?

  43. In generell you need a modified boot.img which you boot from (this can be done within the terminal and adb or fastboot command)… unfortunately i don’t know where you could get this file for your tablet.

  44. I’ve followed your procedure on my coby tablet and it completed
    successfully. However, when I am playing clash of clans and try to login
    via google plus it says that I dont have google services. Any idea on how
    to resolve this issue?

  45. can i sync my google account into my coby MID7042???everytime i try to sync
    nothing happen the notif should turns to color green but in my case nothing
    happen thanks for your help

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