Coby 5″ Dual-Sim Smartphone und Quadcore Tablet – IFA 2012

Dieses Mal waren wir am Stand von Coby Electronics und haben uns ein 5″ Smartphone mit Dual Sim und 5″ angeschaut. Es hat 512MB Ram, Wifi, Bluetooth und 3G, 1.3MP Vorne und 5MP Camera hinten. Der Preis wird bei 199 Euro liegen und es ist durchaus ein „Kampfpreis“.

Weiter haben wir uns dort am Stand das 9.7″ Mit Dual- und Quadcore CPUs angeschaut. 1GB Speicher und 8GB Flash. „Kampfpreis“ wird bei etwa 249 Euro liegen.

15 Gedanken zu “Coby 5″ Dual-Sim Smartphone und Quadcore Tablet – IFA 2012

  1. Dude, your camera person needs to not cut off the top of your head. Even better, leave some space above it.

    Also, yer gettin grey man! Damn we’re old…

  2. Haha, nicht Niklas?

    I thought this may be the case. The camera angle is also a bit low. That is, it looks up at you, it would be better at the same level.

    I’m also grey a bit, but lighter hair shows it less, I think. Perhaps I just fool myself!

  3. Ahh, good for him! So he has better things to do than follow you with a camera. 😉

    Yes, less and less hair I have. So I cut it shorter and shorter! I think one day I will just shave it all!

    Say hi to Meike and Niklas for me, and also the little one, who I am sure is not so little any more, and perhaps does not remember me, but may remember throwing the ball for Bella before he could walk.

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